What Will Vettori Do Differently vs Adesanya | UFC 263 | UFC Round-up

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

6 dager siden

Paul Felder and Michael Chiesa preview the UFC 263 main event between Israel Adesanya and Marvin Vettori. The two discussed the changes they expect from both fighters in the rematch on the most recent episode of 'UFC Round-up.' Watch the full episode: nowindow.info/cloud/video/mnaffKV0X22ijKM.html

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John Whitworth
John Whitworth Dag siden
bluntedvic 420
bluntedvic 420 2 dager siden
He’s going to sleep
It's MyRum
It's MyRum 2 dager siden
We know he's going to try to wrestle hole fight. He can't stand with Izzy.
mrorbit2u 3 dager siden
I believe the only chance he has is to take him down and g n p him out. Very possible.
Michael Beard
Michael Beard 3 dager siden
Brunson is the best wrestler in middleweight and couldn’t touch Izzy 2 years ago I don’t see how Marvin dies it
Sydney Dee
Sydney Dee 3 dager siden
If Marvin's plan is to resort to take-downs, he better think again because Izzy's knees are waiting for him, he better ask Derek Branson
gimmick 4 dager siden
Adesanya got mounted and fucked up by Jan LMAO
Youngg Cross
Youngg Cross 4 dager siden
Yessss if Marvin can dominate he can get the win 🥇 🇮🇹
Drew Dober is going to get the win against Isreal this time around
O S 4 dager siden
Gonna get finished this time for sure
Steel Wool Sheep
Steel Wool Sheep 4 dager siden
He'll get knocked out. That's what he'll do differently
Double Aron
Double Aron 4 dager siden
It’s like these dudes didn’t even watch the Jan/Izzy fight. Jan was beating him the stand up too.
Windsor 519
Windsor 519 4 dager siden
Ain’t gonna be no Italian champ. Izzy prices up all these juice heads. Only guarantee is Vatorri bleeds.
John182 4 dager siden
Now everybody thinks who ever can wrestle and is facing Israel that that person will be able to give Israel some trouble. Jan is a big fucking boy . Marvin uumm nah bruh . Prediction this Marvin Victoria guy is going to try to out wrestle Israel going to get frustrated bc he can't take him down then be forced to throw hands when Israel and then that's when Israel knocks him out . You heard it here first
Benjamin Richard
Benjamin Richard 4 dager siden
Stylebender continues to show how special his striking is. Marvin doesn’t stand a chance!
gimmick 4 dager siden
just like Jan didn't stand a chance? LMAO
Bruno Borges
Bruno Borges 4 dager siden
Hes not getting to the end...
P Protectas
P Protectas 4 dager siden
Izzy will run like the Mrs. Gyno she is!
Bulvenize Yorei
Bulvenize Yorei 4 dager siden
Man, i wish jan just win standing up 49 46 so these people stop discrediting his striking. These people saying like those takedowns in last 2 round win him the fight. When in reality, the striking is what made the takedown possible in the first place. Adesanya was desperate to end the fight that he's too focused on attacking forgetting that the takedown is still there to defend. That's possible because jan outstruck him in the earlier round.
Bulvenize Yorei
Bulvenize Yorei 4 dager siden
I might sound like a hater for saying this in like eny thread that exist. But no, im fan of the game bigger than im a fan of any fighter.
Patrick Collins
Patrick Collins 4 dager siden
The UFC app/Fight Library is the most broken and busted app Ive ever seen. It literally is far anger as fuck. Can’t load videos half of the time. The text that you type is always delayed and the subtitles can’t be turned off because once you select “off” there’s no way to get that settings menu back off of the screen so it forces you to watch with subtitles. UFC needs to fix that bullshit app if your charging people monthly to have access. 🤦‍♂️
Thomas Hoffman
Thomas Hoffman 4 dager siden
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Shashi Shekhar
Shashi Shekhar 4 dager siden
....get knocked out this time.
Chudi Ozoalor
Chudi Ozoalor 4 dager siden
Izzy to win by elbow eye poke.
Jim Shrubsall
Jim Shrubsall 4 dager siden
Vettori is not gonna be able to wrestle for 5 rounds, he will gas out. Adesanya will take advantage on the feet when Vettori is tired.
TEDD J 4 dager siden
I actually think Marvin winning this fight will be great for this division.. but if not thats fine cause we get Izzy vs Rob 2
Antonino Sottile
Antonino Sottile 4 dager siden
Forza Marvin! The Italian Dream!
BackTo TheFax
BackTo TheFax 4 dager siden
vettori via ground and pound tko in round 2 to become and new
ww.creedthoughts.gov.ww-creedthoughts 4 dager siden
mud wrestling and sex is better than mma anyday. Anyway im going with Adesantittiesya.
Noodle Neck Rat Ribs
Noodle Neck Rat Ribs 4 dager siden
Nothing vettori going to get it again
Amarachi Chris
Amarachi Chris 4 dager siden
Somebody to take the middleweight title will never be marvin vettori and will never be , izzy is too good .......
Lucas Schroeder
Lucas Schroeder 4 dager siden
Lol hes just gonna lose again....bad
Viktor 4 dager siden
Chiesa is a bitch for not having the balls to call a winner, it's your fucking job dude. Also Adesanya loses a pretty close fight vs Jan who has been smashing everyone at LHW and both these guys suddenly think everyone is gonna start taking Adesanya down? Nah man, Adesanya by decision 49-46. I give Vettori 1 round.
Ron McDon
Ron McDon 4 dager siden
marvin is barely arriving to PHX today. meanwhile Izzy has been there for a week. as someone who comes from PHX......Marvin is going to gas. the air here is different different, esp in the summer. he might take izzy down in the first 2 rounds, but then hes going to gas and izzy is going to pick him apart.
Jordan Cooke
Jordan Cooke 3 dager siden
Interesting take
M Kiefer
M Kiefer 4 dager siden
If Marvin doesn’t get the take downs cuz Izzy stuffs them, he’s going to gas out and get finished. He MUST get Izzy down and keep Him there in order to win this decision. Izzy is too slick with his odd movements for Marvin to catch him on the feet. I don’t see Izzy having the powder to KO Marvin. Either a tko due to Marvin gassing out and breaking or a decision win for Izzy.
Rick Berends
Rick Berends 4 dager siden
I feel like we might see a stylish ko bij Izzy cause the takedown is soo obvious and I can’t see Marvin doing anything in the standup. Idk what im talking about tho so who knows
pintiocu 4 dager siden
You guys are delusional, izzy 2nd round tko
R S 4 dager siden
Yup because that's exactly how the previous fight went. Izzy totally KO'd Vettori the last time they fought. It wasn't competitive and the fight didn't go to a split decision. The only delusional idiot around here, is you.
Lawrence Zhan
Lawrence Zhan 4 dager siden
I got Marvin loosing in the 2nd round.. delusional Marvin fans please get y’all excuses ready. Please don’t use the eye poke again 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Lawrence Zhan
Lawrence Zhan 3 dager siden
@gimmick He was trying something new by fighting in a heavier weight class because he beat everybody. Nobody in his division has the balls to do anything close to that. Izzy in the second round 🥱
gimmick 4 dager siden
What excuses did you make when adesanya got fucked up by Jan?
Super Llama
Super Llama 4 dager siden
He just needs to throw double jabs and combinations earlier in the fight, as soon as he turned up the heat in round 3 in the first fight, it led to easier takedowns and more success
Daniel Di Fonzo
Daniel Di Fonzo 4 dager siden
Hyping the Lasagna as usual. Blachowicz destroyed him in all aspects of the game.
Feitan Dag siden
Yautja Prime
Yautja Prime 4 dager siden
This time he's going to get knocked out. That's what's going to be different
FoleyHatten 4 dager siden
Lets be real this fight is only happening because whittaker got finished too easily and not by marvin getting robbed like he thinks
ThE PrEdAtOr
ThE PrEdAtOr 4 dager siden
I gave the fight to marvin.
tim adams
tim adams 4 dager siden
Israel by first round knockout
Hd34 Hd34
Hd34 Hd34 4 dager siden
You do know that Rocky was just a movie it isn’t real life 🤣🤣🤣🤣.
sm L
sm L 4 dager siden
I feel this fight could go either way but my money is on Marv bc of the odds 🤑 both guys are awesome and i think we are in for a treat the whole card is awesome too i am super exited 👍👍👍
Sch1zzo 4 dager siden
Bui Minh
Bui Minh 4 dager siden
Josh Thomson vs Gilbert Melendez 39:53 on Ufc Fight Pass with no sound.Fix Soon, please
Sup Dox
Sup Dox 4 dager siden
This gonna be a good fight city boxing up ask your mum
phillip moore
phillip moore 4 dager siden
Great fight breakdown guy's keep up the great work..
World Wolf
World Wolf 4 dager siden
Not get out reached?
Military Weapons Africa
Military Weapons Africa 4 dager siden
People think becauae Jan took down IZZY Vetorii can do the same. Jam was about to lose that fight. Izzy will strarch vetorri 1st or 2nd round
vhs quality
vhs quality 4 dager siden
Two journeyman talking about a title fight hahaha
Luca Rossi
Luca Rossi 4 dager siden
I think so Adesanya is in trouble,real trouble.
one4all 4 dager siden
Adesanya has become much more defensive using his long reach so getting a takedown is gonna be harder. That long reach is effective, but imo boring. I hope Rogan and Cormier aren't commenting this time. Very biased and the clueless will believe anything they say.
Ma Te
Ma Te 4 dager siden
almost always watch muted for this reason
Botond Bakos
Botond Bakos 4 dager siden
Cormier is better
Barry Shitpeas
Barry Shitpeas 4 dager siden
That last sentence goes for Joe’s commentating in general
Count Kungus
Count Kungus 4 dager siden
get his arse whooped lol
Guy Fox
Guy Fox 4 dager siden
StainesTech 4 dager siden
Vettori all the way, ground and pound I believe is his ticket to a win!
jay p
jay p 4 dager siden
Tha Dude8536
Tha Dude8536 4 dager siden
Get knocked the fuck out 🤣 that is if he doesn't hold n hump the whole fight
el houcine mensouri
el houcine mensouri 4 dager siden
emil georgiev
emil georgiev 4 dager siden
I think Israel will win by using the same way to win as he did it with Paolo Costa, hiting the calves
Mitchell Reece
Mitchell Reece 4 dager siden
It feels really good to see Paul, even if we knew he'd be commentating soon it's just good to see him again.
haidir wasli
haidir wasli 4 dager siden
izzy's weakness is wrestling..and of course Vettori gonna have 100% control this time
Alberto Ciampini
Alberto Ciampini 4 dager siden
Jean-Laurier Lafrance
Jean-Laurier Lafrance 4 dager siden
It's like they forgot 5th round Adesanya vs Gastelum
LBT_KEFE🐍 4 dager siden
Bout to eat a fat NZ Hideing on Sunday 🥊🔪💯 you think your wrestling can stop the stylebender😆 they don't call him that for nothing watch him Merck your wrestling skills this Sunday 🥊🥊🥊✌️
Walter Mccan
Walter Mccan 4 dager siden
Jan outtechniqued Izzy in all departments. People act as if it was just ground game... lets not forget that he stod with izzy for 3 rounds before he event attempted takedown. Only rogan and dc fanboys and other yes men think otherwise.
TE Strongson
TE Strongson 4 dager siden
To be honest it will be difficult for Marvin to take down Izzy ,Marvin should KO Izzy to win
aren mirza
aren mirza 4 dager siden
Felder with that last line about giving Jan credit in the stand up game. Excellent point, always providing great analysis
Rocky Victor Tripura
Rocky Victor Tripura 4 dager siden
Let's go Italian dream🇮🇹💭🇮
racegod09 4 dager siden
The Pale Orc will have the assistance of his Warg.
Church Izthaname
Church Izthaname 4 dager siden
Ummm if Logan Paul win fir going the distance with Mayweather, then Izzy beat the true 205er.. and sir izzy was never beat up on the ground. He did get held down..
bLink 4 dager siden
Vettori last 10 fights 7 decisions 2 submissions 1 draw Man this guys sounds boring but he may do it via decision
bLink 59 minutter siden
@Funny Time I guess i was right
Funny Time
Funny Time 4 dager siden
not boring at all, vs hermansson they made a new record for landed hits in middleweight.
The Notorious K.A.P.
The Notorious K.A.P. 4 dager siden
He’ll get knocked smooth tf out that’s what he’ll do different this fight
krishna giri
krishna giri 4 dager siden
Izzy will prove u wrong! Izzy you got this 💪
krishna giri
krishna giri 4 dager siden
Where to watch UFC 263 for free ?
Zacny Gracz
Zacny Gracz 4 dager siden
1:25 bruh, Jan outstruck Adesanya he won 2 or even 3 rounds in the very stand up
ᛏᚺᛟᛗᚨᛋ 4 dager siden
Differently? He wont be wearing Reebok.
Rodney Ives Collen
Rodney Ives Collen 4 dager siden
I can't wait to see Israel Adesanya beat Marvin Vettori again, and I just hope Izzy finishes Vettori this time to leave no doubt in Vettori's mind that he got beaten
Hairy Butth0le
Hairy Butth0le 4 dager siden
Hopefully Conor loses
Hairy Butth0le
Hairy Butth0le 4 dager siden
Not a Dustin fan I just want Conor to lose
Hairy Butth0le
Hairy Butth0le 4 dager siden
Adesanya knocking him out
Phucc Yhuu
Phucc Yhuu 4 dager siden
Is chiesa in a restroom stall?
vxczv 4 dager siden
Paul Felder is actually so dumb lmao "Experts" talking about Fights but never fought himself
Jeff 4 dager siden
lol what? Felder fought twice last year and got two fight of the night bonuses.
Filip A
Filip A 4 dager siden
I believe Vettori might use wrestling to KO izzy , because izzy knows that vettori will probably go for takedowns so he may be open for an overhand.
Barry Shitpeas
Barry Shitpeas 4 dager siden
Lol first half of your comment, I thought you meant ko by suplex
jeannette f
jeannette f 4 dager siden
Marvin will try to leg hump Izzy for 5 rounds.
yannaing aung
yannaing aung 4 dager siden
Same History
Nicholas Hawkins
Nicholas Hawkins 4 dager siden
The answer: Absolutely nothing
Jeremy JOrdan
Jeremy JOrdan 4 dager siden
Experience is the best teacher, Vettori gases badly after Kevin Holland he was breathing heavy.
Eugene Numberoneov
Eugene Numberoneov 4 dager siden
Loose faster
Ritu Haz
Ritu Haz 4 dager siden
All this predictions were wrong only Fighters know what to do what to not do 👍🏻....
Daemon Dost
Daemon Dost 4 dager siden
Izzy struggles against durable fighters like Vettori and Gastelum, if it's wrestling heavy as long as vettori's gas tank holds up and can take this fight.
ThE PrEdAtOr
ThE PrEdAtOr 4 dager siden
@Michael Fadahunsi gave the 1st one to Marvin but expect izzy to win this one
Michael Fadahunsi
Michael Fadahunsi 4 dager siden
Oh yeah and those two fights Israel still won. It's funny how people keep doubting Israel Adesanya . After this fights he is going to shut up all the doubters .
Grimmace 4 dager siden
Paul's moustache is killing me. Mario??
Alex Vanessa
Alex Vanessa 4 dager siden
Michael's Mom got issues. That's why he got angry when Kevin Lee say something about his mom.......
Barry Shitpeas
Barry Shitpeas 4 dager siden
He’s a big boy he should be able to tell that Kevin doesn’t even know his mom and didn’t even insult her tbh lol
rikidoni24 4 dager siden
Nah he said he was trying to do some shit talking but he didn't really know how to
lachlan wilson
lachlan wilson 4 dager siden
Jan outclassed israel in every way, try watching it on mute (without the bloody commentators)
Damon Feuu
Damon Feuu 4 dager siden
You Guys actually don't understand Izzy's Level!!!! Haha
Bravo Jonny
Bravo Jonny 4 dager siden
No middle weight in the UFC is Jan Blachowiz. wishful thinking is all this is. vettori is going to gas himself out if he wants to go that route. Marvin is good but someone will be better.
Abilash Judas
Abilash Judas 4 dager siden
I hope he is going to shock the world..jan gave a blueprint how to beat izzy
PJ Clark
PJ Clark 4 dager siden
A big goofy white guy? Can’t wait
PJ Clark
PJ Clark 4 dager siden
Nothing. He’s gonna lose
Bobzilla2311 TV
Bobzilla2311 TV 4 dager siden
He won’t do anything differently because he’s still clinging onto that fact that he should’ve won the first bout. 🤷🏾‍♀️ dude can’t look past his own ego, while hate or love Izzy, he evolves.
Joshua Hurst
Joshua Hurst 4 dager siden
Its tough, Israel had to be training hard on take down defense for his last fight and he trained against bigger men for sure. His take down defense has only gotten better. Has Vettori gotten that much better in wrestling?
Rob The Vampire Slayer
Rob The Vampire Slayer 4 dager siden
C'mon guys Jan beat Izzy in the stand up as well. Stop listening to Rogan and DC commentary.
no life
no life 3 dager siden
@Rob The Vampire Slayer no problem 🤗
Rob The Vampire Slayer
Rob The Vampire Slayer 3 dager siden
@no life Awesome thanks ;)
no life
no life 3 dager siden
total strikes : jan184 of 276 \ izzy 99 of 182 significant strikes : jan 107 of 193 \ izzy 78 of 161 strikes to the head : jan landed 67 \ izzy landed 32 strikes to the body : jan 29 \ izzy 17 strikes to the legs : jan 11 \ izzy 29 takedowns : jan 3 of 5 \ izzy 0 sig strikes by position : distance : jan 85 \ izzy 77 clinch : jan 6 \ izzy 0 ground : jan 16 \ izzy 1
Jourdan M
Jourdan M 3 dager siden
@Double Aron I mean it wasn't ppv that's for sure. And I must clarify I'm a izzy fan maybe I should rewatch it, but my initial impression was izzy was 3 up and clearly out matched on the wrestling but those were the final 2 rounds. I still find it hard to believe Jan was out matching in the striking bit ig that's what replay is for
Double Aron
Double Aron 4 dager siden
@Jourdan M bro, did you watch that fight on a shit stream and a 20” CRT?
Albert Miccichè
Albert Miccichè 4 dager siden
I think that Iz can make more mistakes in this match compare to Marvin. The italian dream has to fight the perfect performance.
Jon Bus
Jon Bus 4 dager siden
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