UFC 263 Inside the Octagon: Adesanya vs Vettori 2

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

9 dager siden

In this episode, John and Din preview the UFC 263 main event as ‘The Last Stylebender’, Israel Adesanya, returns to the middleweight division looking to defend his championship status against former rival ‘The Italian Dream’, Marvin Vettori.

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Monscent 2 dager siden
lol@all these fanboys whining in the comments, yet watching and giving views to UFC anyways.
Conor Moore
Conor Moore 2 dager siden
Prime Matt
Prime Matt 2 dager siden
Where is Dan at? This is absolute trash without him. Stop wasting resources uploading this rubbish.
Monscent 2 dager siden
I dunno, I like Dan but he was always so massively biased towards english fighters. Maybe Din is allright.
Hamed Albujayesh
Hamed Albujayesh 2 dager siden
Israel is going to beat him up going to beat him
bic not
bic not 2 dager siden
We want Dan
George Mantzos
George Mantzos 2 dager siden
Inside the octagon was one of the best shows for hype before big cards watching the Dan Hardy Breakdown, might aswell scrap it now because it just isn't very good, shithouse you might say.
giggsy86 2 dager siden
Dan Din. This is as close as we're going to get from now on
Jumpy Dear16
Jumpy Dear16 2 dager siden
Guys, I agree with you: Dan Hardy is the best, and I miss him too. But I think it's useless to keep complaining about his departure from the ITO show, because neither party seems interested in going back to the way it was. Especially Dan Hardy, I think, because now he's even more the commentator star he deserves to be, having not only its Full Reptile show, but also The Dan Hardy Breakdown Show. Get a VPN changer and enjoy that fantastic show particularly, instead of insisting in uselessly complaining here. Time to move on, I believe.
Tosh 2 dager siden
Love that we all won’t let it go that the sacked Dan
Mafee3393 2 dager siden
@3:25 “6 inches isn’t anything if you don’t know how to use it” they were both trying not to smirk aha
Aref S
Aref S 3 dager siden
Get Dan Hardy back. Not worth watching without him
W S 3 dager siden
Boooo, we want Dan Hardy!
Zodiac 3 dager siden
I like Thomas but he’s just saying words here. There’s no unique perspective or explanation given to give us, as an uneducated audience, a deeper understanding of the skill set of each fighter and how it might match up. He ain’t no Dan Hardy
Zodiac 3 dager siden
Meaning he doesn’t actually tell us, show us, explain to us or analyse anything an uneducated observer can’t tell for themselves. He’s a commentator not an analyst
Zodiac 3 dager siden
This video should have been titled Btec inside the octagon
What? 3 dager siden
We want Hardy
Max Müller
Max Müller 3 dager siden
No Dan Hardy wtf
Vlada 1911
Vlada 1911 4 dager siden
Din is a solid lad, but without them both, this isn't it.
Disidnte 4 dager siden
I've been out of the loop. What happened to Dan Hardy? Since when?
Christian Bartawli
Christian Bartawli 4 dager siden
Din roberson Tomas
Daniel Meuler
Daniel Meuler 4 dager siden
3:13 " if you don't know how to use 6" it's not an advantage" I bet my Ex would agree with that. LOL
Anders Johansson
Anders Johansson 4 dager siden
Bring back Hardy!!!
nadmai 4 dager siden
Feel bad for Gooden, he didn't want this shit. But reality UFC, Dan Hardy was the show here and you fucked up.
Usljebrkizam 4 dager siden
The UFC staff HAS to read these comments right? Like, they have to bring Dan back?
Joachim Foerster
Joachim Foerster 4 dager siden
Pedro Fernández
Pedro Fernández 4 dager siden
Not the same without dan Hardy 😢
Tom Nguyen
Tom Nguyen 4 dager siden
Just cancel the show.. this is unwatchable
Corey Dallmeyer
Corey Dallmeyer 4 dager siden
very important points about Israel's dancing ability and body fluidity
Alex Quintana
Alex Quintana 4 dager siden
Dammit’ this isn’t the same withoot Dawn Hawddy….whatever happen’d with this female co’worker…they lost a genuine talent for a girl that cried wolf🤬
Rory Greene
Rory Greene 4 dager siden
Dan Hardy still not back yet?
Sully Khan
Sully Khan 4 dager siden
No Dan forget about it
yo momma
yo momma 4 dager siden
6 inches
SeemsLegitFilms 4 dager siden
Go back to the set
Giordano Bruno
Giordano Bruno 4 dager siden
Why nobody is talking about the absence of Dan Hardy? Lol
MMA Club
MMA Club 4 dager siden
no hardy no party
MMA Club
MMA Club 4 dager siden
not watching without dan hardy
Gordon Foo
Gordon Foo 5 dager siden
Dear UFC, bring back Dan Hardy for us. His analysis is just something special
Misael Arroyo
Misael Arroyo 5 dager siden
Vettori is a GREAT warm up for Rob Whittaker 2.0 .. that’s how I see it .. Izzy will take some bruises to his face , but I believe he has a killer mentality coming back from his first official loss(and “blueprint “) and have that 100% hungry Izzy.. the one that ruined Kelvin -Rob
BerticusBersht 5 dager siden
"6 inches doesn't mean anything if you dont know how to use it" Alright Din I see you
GSD07 5 dager siden
Bring back Dan you muppets!
Alex 5 dager siden
Where's DAN HARDY!?
Stuart Jamieson
Stuart Jamieson 5 dager siden
Looks like gooden sold out Hardy. Climb up that ladder hay. No Hardy no cigar
Mlassmlass Mlassmlass
Mlassmlass Mlassmlass 5 dager siden
ONLY VETTORI👊🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🥊
Camerabenj 5 dager siden
we miss you dan hardy
olivier gagné
olivier gagné 5 dager siden
the dan hardy army not dying yet
qUantUmpants 5 dager siden
Benjamin Richard
Benjamin Richard 5 dager siden
Could you imagine if Marvin just goes full Khabib on Stylebender? That would be crazy!
mrtonycharlesolivera 5 dager siden
no hardy we continue to dislike
Erick Gallardo
Erick Gallardo 5 dager siden
No Dan Hardy...... understandable have a nice day ✌
Hj Son
Hj Son 5 dager siden
call dan hardy back
piedpiperz80 5 dager siden
3:24 :)
Stefan Wolf
Stefan Wolf 5 dager siden
Karabo Molele
Karabo Molele 5 dager siden
So we're going to act like Figueiredo-Moreno doesn't exist?? 😰
Ryan Cairns
Ryan Cairns 5 dager siden
Respect to Din Thomas, but he ain't no Dan Hardy now is he, eh? Not even close... Because no one comes even remotely close to Dan.Hardy's Wizard like affinity for fight analytics, His true genius lies not only in his 'neo in the matrix esque' ability to see all the hidden, inner goings on of the 'dance' at play, traps being set, settings up of attacks off feints, reads being made, range finding, etc but it's in the way he relays that unique insight. Always explaining everything just so clearly and perfectly, that even a newbie fan can follow. He enriches our enjoyment of the sport #NoDanHardyNoShow
Shire Productions
Shire Productions 5 dager siden
Bring Back Dan Hardy!!! UFC is the best and that’s why you need DH. It just isn’t right and he should be analyzing fights like the good ol days. If the fans choose, then we choose Dan Hardy. @danhardy #dangardy @UFC @DanaWhite #DanaWhite
Shire Productions
Shire Productions 5 dager siden
The people have spoken. BRING BACK DAN HARDY!!! For the love of God people.
Rob Rey
Rob Rey 5 dager siden
Big Shak
Big Shak 5 dager siden
Insert dan hardy comment below. Seriously though bring him back
Jason Lebo
Jason Lebo 5 dager siden
Bring back Dan already ffs !!
Graham Stitt
Graham Stitt 6 dager siden
Just doesn't really work does it? It's like a general commentary with no real input. Just words.
Leglock Club
Leglock Club 6 dager siden
Without Dan Hardy, the show should be named something else other than "Inside the Octagon".
Walter Martin
Walter Martin 6 dager siden
Man miss Dan Hardy
Hondude 6 dager siden
Downvote for Hardy
CrossFit 1
CrossFit 1 6 dager siden
Old School Gamer
Old School Gamer 6 dager siden
Honestly. Scrap this show. It was all Hardy
Dustin Amaral
Dustin Amaral 6 dager siden
Seth MacArthur
Seth MacArthur 6 dager siden
marklower007 6 dager siden
Just stopping in to say I'm not watching without hardy. Leave my dislike and move on
justin 6 dager siden
We want Dan Hardy
Ignat Galkin
Ignat Galkin 6 dager siden
cmon guys, just return Hardy back. no offence but your fans are missing him especially in this program
Samba Diawara
Samba Diawara 6 dager siden
Please fight is when
dodik jaya
dodik jaya 6 dager siden
Izzy could handle hardest punchers like romero,costa and jan, vettori's power not even close to all of them, Vettori needs big miracle to win this fight
dodik jaya
dodik jaya 6 dager siden
Luke rockhold has potency to beat adesanya
Marty from Nebraska
Marty from Nebraska 6 dager siden
Inside the Octagon in the mud without Dan Hardy
zeyad khalaf
zeyad khalaf 6 dager siden
I miss Dan Hardy, but Din Thomas is a great MMA analyst too !
Greg 6 dager siden
1st on I’ve watched since they got rid of Dan hardy. No where near the same quality unfortunately.
surendra budhathoki
surendra budhathoki 6 dager siden
NPC # 457634768
NPC # 457634768 6 dager siden
izzy isnt the only one who doesn't know how to use his 6 inches ;)
Riaan Scholtz
Riaan Scholtz 6 dager siden
Is it just me or does it seem like Din is a bit clueless?
Sportcast plus
Sportcast plus 6 dager siden
First fight was not close, Adesanya domimated first two rounds lost third. Stop that story about back and forth battle, Israel outclassed him on feet and one stupid judge have victory to Vettori
Trapperjohn1000 6 dager siden
Bring back the outlaw. He is the best. Hardy made the show. We’re the fans listen to us
Jonáš Rech
Jonáš Rech 6 dager siden
RIP Dan Hardy
Scruffy Rodriguez
Scruffy Rodriguez 6 dager siden
We want Dan Hardy
ItsDiz Productions
ItsDiz Productions 6 dager siden
They need to cancel this show without Dan hardy
Cramilton 6 dager siden
nothing to john gooden, but its best if they just stopped this show because without dan hardy, this is some B.S.
Dilan Jamieson
Dilan Jamieson 6 dager siden
I don’t get hardy for this show anymore coz there’s no Hardy
Alex 6 dager siden
Get Dan back ASAP
G M 6 dager siden
This is so stupid, just stop the show, without dan this is wack!
Paul 6 dager siden
Why isn't Dan Hardy on these videos anymore? I thought maybe he was just on vacation but it's been months since he's been around.
Walter Ayala
Walter Ayala 6 dager siden
better with dan
JubeeDubeeDoo 6 dager siden
No Dan Hardy? Pass.
Tom Williams-Parry
Tom Williams-Parry 6 dager siden
Man this just isn't the same with out Hardy he's one of the best at analysing fights full reptile is definitely the new inside the octagon
Ofon 6 dager siden
3:23 sounds like something other than fighting
hein si thu
hein si thu 6 dager siden
Robot Adesanya again
Junior Bottene
Junior Bottene 6 dager siden
Dislike this video to bring back Dan Hardy
Oggy Oggy
Oggy Oggy 6 dager siden
Scroll down for multiple simps STILL sobbing about missing their boyfriend.
Justin Yaan
Justin Yaan 6 dager siden
Izzy is 6'2 stop lying. And vetorri is 6'1. I hate it when i see fake stats.
importon 6 dager siden
you guys gotta name this show something else
Vaun King
Vaun King 6 dager siden
Yall just giving their tricks away for them
MMA STE 6 dager siden
If you won't give us Hardy back then get Dom Cruz to step in, show might still have some valuable breakdowns
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