UFC 263 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 1

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

8 dager siden

Champ Israel Adesanya and Brad Riddell acclimate to the Arizona heat. Marvin Vettori preps for a title rematch. Brandon Moreno shows off his collections. Leon Edwards wraps a long training camp. Nate Diaz and team set up shop in the desert.

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Dub DonZ
Dub DonZ 42 minutter siden
Anybody know the name of the song at 7:58?
Terrence Klaverweide
Terrence Klaverweide 5 timer siden
7:44 time to switch on them subs…
Danny Shurik
Danny Shurik 11 timer siden
I couldn’t hear shit Nate was saying
MetalcoreRyan Dag siden
Everyone's training nates just sitting on his ass I love him
Ulysses Morando
Ulysses Morando Dag siden
John Banh
John Banh Dag siden
Love rewatching embedded after watching the card. It’s great to see things over again after the fight. 🤟
Spinning Backfist
Spinning Backfist Dag siden
7:47 #209
Spinning Backfist
Spinning Backfist Dag siden
Isreal is corny af for real for real
Greg Murray
Greg Murray 2 dager siden
So Nate definitely has like stage 5 CTE, huh.
Merla Mccanless
Merla Mccanless 2 dager siden
The unkempt destruction spontaneously rescue because subway briefly colour including a awesome regret. shy, glossy dragonfly
Joelle Renee Foshee
Joelle Renee Foshee 2 dager siden
Love to all the athletes, but Nate is the reason to watch. Authenticity at the 209.
Will 2 dager siden
How can you not like Moreno? Such a good dude
I OFFER YOU THIS 2 dager siden
swear Nate's favorite rapper is wayne lol
J22LE 2 dager siden
Moreno sparked interest vs Royval Moreno had my respect vs figgy But seeing this side of him, long time fan. Figgy is real tough but heart is rooting for Moreno
umer adrees
umer adrees 2 dager siden
Hey guys, I don't see Eugene training Izzy for this fight? Whatsup?
teamseriouscorey 2 dager siden
Nate is like let me get my easy check and go home to a pound lol
DJ NO PLAY 2 dager siden
Nate wins via submission
harsha8976 2 dager siden
what the fuck is Nate saying?
Yak Chimaev
Yak Chimaev 2 dager siden
crazy O'malley removed all his tattoos
javier beddings
javier beddings 2 dager siden
7:13 looks like Israel decides when the round is over. When you are the best in the gym and have yes men around you
javier beddings
javier beddings 2 dager siden
Wearing a mask but hugs a complete stranger and then takes the mask off fore a photo. People with masks are idiots...Just fore show
Colten Stout
Colten Stout 2 dager siden
Am I the only person who doesn’t like Israel as a person? Just as a elite fighter? Too damn cocky he’s kinda acting like Saun O’Malley. Annoying.
John Tiessen
John Tiessen 2 dager siden
What does Nick and Nate Diaz do? They do WTF they want that's what they do ......... (( WHAT? )) RESPECT 209
Portland Janus
Portland Janus 2 dager siden
Am I the only one that thinks Adesanya looks bigger?
Justin Hwang
Justin Hwang 2 dager siden
Turn on CC just before 9:06... [unintelligble]
daniel catalan
daniel catalan 2 dager siden
leon doesnt count the masvidal loss?
T. Spiv
T. Spiv 2 dager siden
izzy is gonna tear Marvin's ass up. I can't stand that guy!
Tuhin Mia
Tuhin Mia 2 dager siden
The clammy process disconcertingly develop because badge preferably arrest amongst a hysterical smoke. wrong, disagreeable pansy
Name your channel
Name your channel 2 dager siden
Wtf is a water champ?
Shake Fuzz
Shake Fuzz 2 dager siden
Who makes Izzy's shorts?
bulu uluil
bulu uluil 2 dager siden
Collecting legos!? All the comments happy about a fking Lego collection smh. Proves majority of mma fans are mentally child like who transfred over from wwe and probably still watch it!
Bruce Avila
Bruce Avila 2 dager siden
Damn bro, legos really set you off 😂
OG loko moko
OG loko moko 2 dager siden
Izzy has three continents backin him. Where Vittori doesn’t even have a village backing him. I guarantee there’s more Italians going for Izzy than him. You can tell he’s just an egomaniac that doesn’t do shit for his people. Where Izzy has inspired thousands if not millions of Africans, Americans, and Kiwis
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson 2 dager siden
Leon can not talk without talking thru his teeth 😅
OG loko moko
OG loko moko 2 dager siden
The dude that was helping Izzy train in the beginning must be special. I have never seen someone allowed to wear shoes on the mat in any gym I have ever been to.
Pocatello Stark
Pocatello Stark 2 dager siden
Nates jean shorts vs the world
Al 2 dager siden
2:37 i want to show the fighting spirit of italy!! He should of read a couple of history books about the famous fighting spirit of italy🤣 does that mean 30sec into 1st round he will give up and hang his coach?
SAVAGEBUMBLEBEE02 2 dager siden
That one commercial break when dude is getting robbed, open it, I’ll open it, in a minute I’m on a hit of a winning streak hold on 😂
iphone Apps
iphone Apps 2 dager siden
Nate talks like Smokey from the PJ’s.
Wally Jaik
Wally Jaik 2 dager siden
Edwards is to fast for the Stockton slapper that'll be the difference
Kevin Mack
Kevin Mack 2 dager siden
Why does izzy speak like he's American. Cringe
Dennis Donohue
Dennis Donohue 2 dager siden
Is Leon sparring against David Luiz?
Richard Matthews
Richard Matthews 2 dager siden
I just cme across Brandon Moreno, and his guy is the realist ever, I hope he wins and goes onto to become a great fighter.
Cam Williamson
Cam Williamson 2 dager siden
I really think Marvin is to slow for Izzy. Even if he could hold him down, Izzy has the overall athleticism to shut him down after the 2/3rd .
Colten Stout
Colten Stout 2 dager siden
I feel like Marvin has more power though. This fight is the lighter version of ngannou and stipe. Stipe was faster and got more shots in but ngannou was strong. It can honestly go either way. Just gotta see who is the better man tonight
Sokan1993 2 dager siden
Gynosanya is back
AllusiveStorm 2 dager siden
Have an awesome day bro
Shaun Bang
Shaun Bang 2 dager siden
Damn remember when everyone was so mad at the UFC cuz we found out Nate was only making $20k to show and $20 if he wins? I’m so glad he finally is getting paid his real worth with his huge popularity finally paying off.
Miriam Andrade
Miriam Andrade Dag siden
bro fr
Shaun Bang
Shaun Bang 2 dager siden
I really am worried for this fight for Israel as the first fight wasn’t an easy win for him and now that everyone saw what happened against Jan, even though there were way more factors to the loss than just grappling but Marvin Vettori is a well rounded fighter with a better ground game than Israel so it’s gonna be pretty obvious that he’s gonna go for the takedowns the entire fight. I just hope what happened with Jan was more a size and strength issue rather than Israel not having solid grappling as if his takedown and grappling defense is the way when he fought Jan then Vettori can easily do the same thing to him
Shaun Bang
Shaun Bang 2 dager siden
Poor Leon Edwards. I don’t really see him as a strong contender but he definitely earned his title shot with his win streak lol but every time it seems like they have to give him the next shot, something like this happens where he ends up fighting someone that basically jumps the line for a title shot if they beat him but if he beats them they’re not ranked higher than him if at all so he just gets another win added to his streak but no significant gain to ensure a title shot
Shaun Bang
Shaun Bang 2 dager siden
Man this is what I hate about how small the MMA community is as I trained at Kings MMA because i was such a huge fan of Chute Boxe from its pride days but now that Kings MMA has so many contenders and former champs joining the team fighting all my favorite fighters it really sucks wanting to root for my old team but also wanting my favorite fighters to win. Like I love Kings MMA but Marvin wasn’t even there when I was there for years so I gotta stick to Israel and root for him as he has the ability to become a giant star in the sport if he keeps his middleweight belt and maybe gets another crack at the light heavyweight belt
Shaun Bang
Shaun Bang 2 dager siden
Damn Brandon Morenos funko collection is pretty crazy! But I’m not surprised cuz he definitely looks like the type that would collect them
YFDB 2 dager siden
7:32 I see you Izzy, calling out Tom Segura and Christina P
Orlando Reyes
Orlando Reyes 2 dager siden
I've been wanting to see Leon an Jorge for a long time 😂 but I guess Nate will do
2aotearoa 2 dager siden
I love how Nate is always looking out for Richard his boxing coach
UndeadNinja 2 dager siden
moreno is so cool man love that guy
Gone 2 dager siden
7:56 what song is that
Toxic978 2 dager siden
Everyone going hard in the gym Moreno: This is the first lego I built
Kenneth Bucsko
Kenneth Bucsko 2 dager siden
Izzy be Vettori 1 was not a split decision!!! Watch the fight Izzy won CLEARLY 29-28 and if you want to argue 30-27 you can...Marvin did zero damage in round 3 the round he “won.”
Black Widow
Black Widow 2 dager siden
Diaz Army! 💪🏾❤
Gio Lopez
Gio Lopez 2 dager siden
Nates back must be sore from carrying this card. Besides Moreno and Figuereido that is
Ol' Pricklebush
Ol' Pricklebush 2 dager siden
Marvin was the bad kid in school with ADHD and emotional issues. Glad his mom put him in the gym. Nothing else would have worked!
White Buffalo
White Buffalo 3 dager siden
7:31... shots fired at... tom segura?!
CRAZY CHRIS 3 dager siden
DIAZ 👊🏼🤜🏼👊🏼🤜🏼👊🏼🤛🏼👊🏼
Paintmaster5f00 3 dager siden
1:12 Alexander Gustafsson?
bigboaby555 3 dager siden
3:52 I didn't know Pachanga from Carlitos Way trained Moreno
Muddy A
Muddy A 3 dager siden
1:15 Gustaffson's twin?!
Ian Ross
Ian Ross 3 dager siden
…why is Vettori training grappling? 😂
Mike Dean
Mike Dean 3 dager siden
The hospitable greek reassembly trip because saturday multivariately explain afore a repulsive acrylic. weak, mute fish
Happy Arnold
Happy Arnold 3 dager siden
Israel is such an unlikable cocky boon.
TheBeatsssss 3 dager siden
I love Brandon Moreno
Haris Secovic
Haris Secovic 3 dager siden
Try and steal Brandon’s lego and you will end up a logo in his collection
Donald Duck
Donald Duck 3 dager siden
no wonder jake and logan paul are kicking all these UFC fighters asses. these UFC guys really got Funko's and Legos lmao @ 3:11
Rock girl
Rock girl 3 dager siden
5:36 Weird seeing Sean O'Malley without his clown colours.
Cormac Daly
Cormac Daly 3 dager siden
With all that money, you'd think Nate could afford subtitles.
Brian 3 dager siden
Morenos team is what you do not want living near you.
Credo-Ape-Thor 3 dager siden
Izzy’s gyno… 😬
Mariah203 3 dager siden
Nate flying private, we love to see it.
Rock girl
Rock girl 3 dager siden
Bus driver just about got them hands!! lmao
Sonny Vernis
Sonny Vernis 3 dager siden
Does anyone ever notice how the diaz bros always travel is thru private jets and always rent a private house for their whole team far away from the venue of the fight? Love those guys man...
bryguy07 3 dager siden
I really don't like Leon Edward's vibe... its just this self entitled stuck up persona that is really hard to find likeable.. but it's hard to see Nate beating him.. Although with his luck, at this point it wouldn't surprise me if he got KO'ed
Ramon Crocodilians Productions
Ramon Crocodilians Productions 3 dager siden
Adesanya, Moreno, and Diaz for the Win 💯🏆🏆💪🏾💪🏾
Kalpana Shetty
Kalpana Shetty 3 dager siden
Why is Leon training
denise985fyi 3 dager siden
The Uber driver was like the popcorn guy in Coming to America!
Aku Moon
Aku Moon 3 dager siden
If you’re a person that squeezes water bottles while drinking them... you need help lol!
MM Value Investing
MM Value Investing 3 dager siden
Nate Diaz the kinda guy to ride economy class in a private jet
MM Value Investing
MM Value Investing 3 dager siden
Moreno looks like a nerd in a Hello Kitty store....until he whoops your butt!!
Rakib Hossain Aiman
Rakib Hossain Aiman 3 dager siden
"I'm the truuf"
Bansi Prathima
Bansi Prathima 3 dager siden
What the name of the song at @7:55?
Shaiakh Amjad
Shaiakh Amjad 3 dager siden
Moreno is such a chill dude. Really likeable bloke. He was a beast the first time so I really hope he can challenge Figueredo and win too.
Nonpeon 3 dager siden
"Fighting spirit of Italy..."?? LOL. Don't those effeminate men lose their wars? He's got spaghetti for brains....
Brandy Harding
Brandy Harding 3 dager siden
Bus driver just about got them hands!! lmao
Rhodri Grove
Rhodri Grove 3 dager siden
Izzy looking THICCC
gdiaz2485 Days
gdiaz2485 Days 3 dager siden
Only paying for this ppv because of Nate lol
Aaron Sterling
Aaron Sterling 3 dager siden
Was Nate limping?
Cameryn Baldwin
Cameryn Baldwin 3 dager siden
I'm always behind Nate an nick Diaz the best fighters to do it
Arron Moore
Arron Moore 3 dager siden
Izzy trying to take the Water Champ title from Dj Dad Mouth
ant whip
ant whip 3 dager siden
Leon is softer than babypoo gtfoh. Nate is gonna take everything this wastemans has and then turn it up on him. Leon has tomato hands, he’s not KOin Nate Diaz lol
Blade Cantelo
Blade Cantelo 3 dager siden
Nate Díaz part WHEN IT STARTTT
David eversole
David eversole 3 dager siden
Ole Brandon Moreno is a fresh breathe of air lol
caleb davis
caleb davis 3 dager siden
Much as I think style bender is the king in saying the cringiest shit nobody is going to best him nobody
E.T. 3 dager siden
Nate need a title shot. Covington, & Jorge Puha Cheena Masvidal is cutting his throat.... Nate should move up to 185 & Stockton Slap Adesanya..... That's word to Hasbulla!!!!
Journeyman Jeffrey
Journeyman Jeffrey 3 dager siden
7:30 shoutout YMH
419 Buckeye
419 Buckeye 3 dager siden
I mix figureo and chito Vera all the time
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