Deiveson Figueiredo's Roots in Marajoara Culture

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

11 dager siden

UFC flyweight champion Deiveson Figueiredo details his roots in the traditional Brazilian fighting style of Marajoara that helped shape him into the fighter he is today.

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Aditya Raut
Aditya Raut 2 dager siden
Khabib: he is marajoara guy
Junior Farias
Junior Farias 3 dager siden
Wow I'm Brazilian and never heard of it. My country is huge
Joel Linares
Joel Linares 4 dager siden
So it’s basically just wrestling?? 🤣
Alex Latham
Alex Latham 5 dager siden
I also like to partake in the Marijuana culture Oh wait Sorry my bad
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez 5 dager siden
Oh shit this was quite the learning experience
Neji 6 dager siden
Brazil the only place you can be white and still be latin bc you speak spanish
Xlord彡 Magneto
Xlord彡 Magneto 6 dager siden
Marajora is called Kushti in india.
Dylan Stubblefield
Dylan Stubblefield 7 dager siden
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Brendan Nelson
Brendan Nelson 7 dager siden
Man this guy gives final boss vibes every fight
Dante Alexander
Dante Alexander 8 dager siden
Marajoara sounds like American folkstyle wrestling. It has similar concepts but the Brazilian sport seems to have less rules as the sport I grew up doing. Very interesting to me. 👍🏼
Bee Middleton
Bee Middleton 8 dager siden
UFC loves fighters from South America. They fight good and they fight for pennies.
sinnceer era
sinnceer era 8 dager siden
Ex Army
Ex Army 9 dager siden
Moreno will win and become new champio mark my words without doubt🔥
Andre gustavo Da silva correia
Andre gustavo Da silva correia 9 dager siden
Champion Deiveson Figueiredo The God Of War
JOSE EL CUCUY 9 dager siden
Marajora fighting is basically wrestling
Jesse Mendoza
Jesse Mendoza 9 dager siden
Geovânia Da Costa
Geovânia Da Costa 9 dager siden
Lests go Brazil !!!
Geovânia Da Costa
Geovânia Da Costa 9 dager siden
I Love Figueiredo !!
Thiago Almeida
Thiago Almeida 9 dager siden
Grande campeão na vida e no esporte!
Mitch Mac
Mitch Mac 9 dager siden
so...wrestling ?
Wesley John Delaney
Wesley John Delaney 9 dager siden
DF is real exciting fighter, never a dull moment.
Let me offer you this
Let me offer you this 9 dager siden
So it's basically a Walmart version of wrestling.
Bee Middleton
Bee Middleton 6 dager siden
@O Altercante Last time an American wrestler came to Brazil he beat your boy up and called you all filthy animals and your homeland a dump. He was right.
O Altercante
O Altercante 6 dager siden
We don't. I only got to write this because my shaman lent me his voodoo doll so i could force an american boy to type it for me, such a nice lad. I could talk more but i've got to brush my one tooth in the Amazon river before the sun sets. See ya Sonnen!
Let me offer you this
Let me offer you this 7 dager siden
O Altercante first butthurt brazilian. To be fair I didn’t have the foggiest idea they had computers in Brazil. Did you hear about the time Big Nog tried to feed a bus a carrot? He thought it was a horse
O Altercante
O Altercante 7 dager siden
Lmao. Maybe the Walmart version of wrestling is the american version. Completely void of any cultural background. Maybe we should just appreciate the fact that even "isolated" martial arts have converged to use similar useful techniques.
Bee Middleton
Bee Middleton 8 dager siden
Dollar General version
Mclovin 9 dager siden
Havent been an MMA-fan for so long. Only since spring 2020 but seen every event from gaethje vs ferguson. I feel like this is the best match ive seen live the figgy vs moreno 1 is for me a classic. sorry for being new to the game to all old fans, u guys seem to not like us new fans.
That Indian Dude
That Indian Dude 6 dager siden
Fuck the gatekeepers bro. Enjoy MMA however you wish. Dont let others define what you find enjoyable.
Bee Middleton
Bee Middleton 8 dager siden
Just don't care for new fans acting like they know the sport better than anyone. Ain't nothing wrong with being new.
Matheus Marques
Matheus Marques 8 dager siden
There's always place to new fans, man. The only annoyng fans are the ones that talk nonsense and firmly believe they're being coherent. Mma is one of the most complex sports in the world. Anyone can watch a fight and get enterteined, but realizing how many pieces are involved in a simple ground exchange, for example, is a whole different thing.
Alvaro jara
Alvaro jara 9 dager siden
Someone take Kevin Holland to that Island
max frazao
max frazao 9 dager siden
For those who dont know "Deus da guerra " means God of war. Its a reference to the Santa Monica/Sony game, which he is obviously a fan of.
Benjamin Richard
Benjamin Richard 9 dager siden
This answers a lot of my questions. Deiveson Figueiredo is a special fighter.
Jorge Meza
Jorge Meza 9 dager siden
Brandon gonna pull off a Thug 🌹
Jonas 9 dager siden
nice look into his background. keep content like this coming!
clive ramsbotty
clive ramsbotty 9 dager siden
i always love to hear bisping calling him a 'nasty, nasty little fucker'
C M 9 dager siden
this was really well done
فنون القتالية المختلطة
فنون القتالية المختلطة 9 dager siden
Mixed martial arts club [we offer you high training in physical strength and self-defense methods] you may need in your life, do not miss the opportunity ✔✔
Govind S
Govind S 9 dager siden
The videos of Figueiredo without his manager/translator is completely opposite to Figueiredo trash talking. It really shows that the manager/translator guy is the real prick here. He's did the same thing with Costa before his fight with Izzy. This is a bad portrayal of MMA and completely disrespects the art of MMA.
Govind S
Govind S 8 dager siden
@Matheus Marques Sad but true. 👍
Matheus Marques
Matheus Marques 8 dager siden
@Govind S Unfortunaly things are not like this. They should be, but they're not. Money comes before than respect. And that's what trash talking usually means: money.
Govind S
Govind S 8 dager siden
@Matheus Marques I don't understand why Wallis is teaching all the sweat words to Figueiredo. Figueiredo's fight with Moreno was amazing. He doesn't need to talk in unnecessary ways to gather fans. Respect comes first.
Matheus Marques
Matheus Marques 8 dager siden
Wallid Ismail can talk all the trash that he wants. The man is a legend both in bjj and vale tudo (mma). And at the end of the day, trash talking sells. That's something very well known for north americans. If the fighter doesn't speak english but wants to enhance the number of people watching his fights, let the manager talk some trash (there's managers and managers though, if the dude can't back it up what he's saying it's one thing, but that's not the case with Wallid). And the trash talk made by Costa didn't really had Wallid's participation.
a00 9 dager siden
Wallid is a meme in brazilian mma, he's crazy and funny
FestinaLente 9 dager siden
"Deiveson Figueiredo's Roots in Marajoara Culture" That explains why he is always high
Brian Segura
Brian Segura 9 dager siden
I thought he was going to say "Este samba Que é misto de Marajoara, Nada Mais"
Mark Brown
Mark Brown 9 dager siden
Moreno fans where you at?? must be pissing yourself
Jose Santos
Jose Santos 9 dager siden
He said no eye pokes haha come on that's what you did with Moreno and not to mention the kick on the balls
Jason Melvin
Jason Melvin 9 dager siden
No cap i thought it said marijuana😂
littlestewiegriffin 9 dager siden
Im also part of the Marijuana culture!
Adrian Louw
Adrian Louw 9 dager siden
All this talk of "Marajoara" on a saturday is making me crave a big ol' fat spliff...
Söz Doğanın
Söz Doğanın 9 dager siden
Jay Saint
Jay Saint 9 dager siden
Just realized jacare means alligator so therefore that's the reason for jacare Souzas alligator impression.
Tim Terrell
Tim Terrell 2 dager siden
How are you just now realizing that...?!
Rogs 9 dager siden
Where is the vlog and the countdown guys? I'm waiting on the edge of my seat!
Gavin 9 dager siden
Didnt know the fench grab was a marajoara technique
Joshua Park
Joshua Park 9 dager siden
This is really dope to learn about not that popular martial arts in MMA. I hope they do something with Sanda and Kung Fu for Muslim and Weili
Jack Debell
Jack Debell 9 dager siden
1:35 in Portuguese "agarrar" means - to grab.
TonyTheTortise 9 dager siden
"MARAJOARA" it legit normal wrestling lol nothing special
Scott Ord
Scott Ord 9 dager siden
2:50 - The smile from Imperial during this sequence, looks like he's having fun 😎
Scott Ord
Scott Ord 9 dager siden
Cool. Learning about the history and tradition of Marajoara makes me happy. Also, a stunningly beautiful place, by all appearances - thanks for this.
T Chambers
T Chambers 9 dager siden
He's gonna be a problem at Bantam as those weight cuts get harder and force him up there
Joydeep Chakravartty
Joydeep Chakravartty 9 dager siden
Ko moreno and destroy the haters
A/K 9 dager siden
Kinda hoping Moreno wins a close back-and-forth fight just so that we can get a trilogy with these two to be honest, I reckon Figueiredo takes it though
Tristan Rodriguez
Tristan Rodriguez 9 dager siden
If Brandon doesn't beat him I think he might retire with the belt, dudes game is complete
Kynam Van
Kynam Van 9 dager siden
I knew it. He is a BIG fan of God of War
Tim Terrell
Tim Terrell 2 dager siden
Lol wtf, it's super obvious hahahaha
luckylucciano20 9 dager siden
His nickname is "Deus da Guerra" which translates to "God Of War." Plus the hairstyle, kinda obvious and if you weren't sure, the shirt just gave it away 100%.
Pro Fights Info
Pro Fights Info 9 dager siden
That’s why MMA is so great, there are all these different arts, so many that a lot of us don’t even know they exist, yet a guy like Figgy can use it and prove it’s effectiveness at a very high level!
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez 5 dager siden
SpeedOfThought1111 9 dager siden
@lowlowseesee you just gotta use the Bruce Lee philosophy and only take the good effective techniques from each style while discarding the bullshit ones that won't work...and a lot of it depends on the fighter utilizing it properly at the right time. but yeah unfortunately a lot of people don't have that mindset and stick to one or two styles and end up being easily predictable.
Pro Fights Info
Pro Fights Info 9 dager siden
@lowlowseesee yeah, good points. My statement may have came across a little off. All I meant is what you eluded too at the end, a technique or two transitioning. Like TKD being a good way for youth to develop proper kicking technique, or in this video, a different version of wrestling that if practiced as a youth develops a great scrabble game. It’s just fun for me to see little elements translate (as opposed to the whole style).
lowlowseesee 9 dager siden
i dont know about this so many thing lolol aside from the senegal wrestler guy and fig, most of the many arts you dont hear about are just as useless as the ones we know about ....tkd, kung fu any TMA etc. I hear you though, the cultural aspects are great. but again. capoiera and doing much in the cage lol. hopefully someone will get one or two techniques from it done in the cage
Tomas Martinez
Tomas Martinez 9 dager siden
Bro this fight with a crowd is going to be INSANE
sinkiy 9 dager siden
I’m more excited for Moreno Figueredo than Izzy vetorri. Although both are going to be amazing.
Elvis Fernandes
Elvis Fernandes 9 dager siden
Floresta Amazônica.
Almighty Sosa
Almighty Sosa 9 dager siden
Dam his brothers looks more like his twin
VooDoo Wiz
VooDoo Wiz 9 dager siden
one of the most interesting champs behind Jan ;] i hope he destroys moreno
Jarred Sturges
Jarred Sturges 9 dager siden
I never knew about Marajoara, but it is so cool!
Henrique Rodrigues
Henrique Rodrigues 9 dager siden
Brazillian culture is awesome bro. We’re very proud of our country!
Greg Knipe
Greg Knipe 9 dager siden
great show!!!
RAYS REALM 9 dager siden
*Thanks for this video. I wish the UFC would delve into more Martial Arts that aren’t mainstream.*
Volunteer Vlog
Volunteer Vlog 9 dager siden
Can we get any insight on his clen diet for weight cuts? How can we get it?
Strip 4Gxxdrich
Strip 4Gxxdrich 10 dager siden
Everyone said the rematch to watch was Masvidal vs Usman or Izzy vs Vettori when it’s this rematch that real fan’s really want.
Danglars J
Danglars J 4 dager siden
The Answer
The Answer 9 dager siden
I don't think a lot of people said that either of those were the rematches to watch lol
DarioAM 9 dager siden
None wanted to see Masvidal vs Usman and Vettori is not the real middleweight contender
lowlowseesee 9 dager siden
facts. crazy fight these two
Kozak Juan Grillin
Kozak Juan Grillin 10 dager siden
So proud his native roots ✊🏾🙌🏾
Vicente The Goat
Vicente The Goat 10 dager siden
All the homies love Figgy
bsr blm
bsr blm 10 dager siden
Ngannou of the flyweight division
Bee Middleton
Bee Middleton 8 dager siden
Oh come on...
Joe Mo
Joe Mo 10 dager siden
Legit freak athlete. This dude is amazing.
Bee Middleton
Bee Middleton 8 dager siden
Don't forget to mention cheap. Dana loves that.
one4all 9 dager siden
He's like Yoel Romero of the division except Figueiredo is young and still in his prime so he doesn't gas out.
Francisco Martinez
Francisco Martinez 10 dager siden
Moreno has a good chance to beat him.
Gabriel MZA
Gabriel MZA 10 dager siden
Just don't put DC and Rogan as commentators for the rematch please.
G 10 dager siden
@Isshin, The Glock Saint he always hypes the underdogs
Isshin, The Glock Saint
Isshin, The Glock Saint 10 dager siden
DC is fine But rogan was screaming "MORENOOOO" every time he moved
Igor Alves
Igor Alves 10 dager siden
How many fighting styles we have here in Brazil? Amazing
Henrique Rodrigues
Henrique Rodrigues 9 dager siden
ERICK RBD 10 dager siden
Figueiredo 👹
Geovânia Da Costa
Geovânia Da Costa 9 dager siden
Hahaha yes 🙂
Tha Truth
Tha Truth 10 dager siden
I cant wait for this rematch....
Shelvin Maharaj
Shelvin Maharaj 10 dager siden
no1 gonna mention the low blows., and eye pokes.. figgy was gonna lose that fight.
Isshin, The Glock Saint
Isshin, The Glock Saint 9 dager siden
@smackachicken well, Figgy is evil
smackachicken 9 dager siden
@Isshin, The Glock Saint if not for the ballasack kick and eye pokes moreno would've won
Manuella Rodrigues
Manuella Rodrigues 9 dager siden
And Moreno that pretended that Figgy had throw a low kick? To have him losing more points. Good thing that the referee did not buy the act.
That guy
That guy 9 dager siden
Isshin, The Glock Saint
Isshin, The Glock Saint 10 dager siden
If not for the fouls, he would've won
E Jaganjac
E Jaganjac 10 dager siden
This is really cool. Thanks for the education
regular M
regular M 10 dager siden
2:25 interesting due the fact that exactly what he did in the moreno fight
3du Constantino
3du Constantino 10 dager siden
Brazil is so big and so diverse, I'm from brazil and never heard about it before.
Matheus Marques
Matheus Marques 8 dager siden
Já tivemos mais 2 caras do ufc que eram da luta marajoara, mas os caras não se destacaram muito.
Nicumecu 3
Nicumecu 3 10 dager siden
The real main event..
Tristan Lidenmark othzen
Tristan Lidenmark othzen 2 dager siden
The non casual main event
Sum bhoy
Sum bhoy 6 dager siden
@Dragondude30 me neither since he could fight in 145 maybe 155
Dragondude30 9 dager siden
@Frank Lehner Raphael assuncao(5'5) beat Jorge masvidal (5'11). I would bet Figueredo could KO some welterweights like Jorge or Cerrone. Wouldn't be surprised
Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez 9 dager siden
...aaaaaaaannnd STIIIIIIIILL!
Frank Lehner
Frank Lehner 9 dager siden
Mein event for midgets
Sam McMahon
Sam McMahon 10 dager siden
I'd love to see figgy fight at bantamweight
Dragondude30 9 dager siden
@White Amerikkka’s Worst nightmare Sean O Malley would get his skinny ass beat. Guarantee Figueredo could knock him out with ease or submit him with in the first or second round.
Quang Pham
Quang Pham 9 dager siden
Goat W.
Goat W. 9 dager siden
@White Amerikkka’s Worst nightmare There's such a big size difference, Sean would have a big advantage in the striking and could starch Figgy with an insane reach by BW standards. That being said, there's a big difference in their grappling ability, and figgy could do something similar to what DC did to Gustafson.
White Amerikkka’s Worst nightmare
White Amerikkka’s Worst nightmare 9 dager siden
@Goat W. Sean o malley would slap figuereido
Goat W.
Goat W. 9 dager siden
He'd definitely fit among the elite, and is way more well rounded than a lot of top bantamweights. But he probably won't be the volcano of a fighter he is at 125. He'll lose his size and massive power advantage, and have to deal with guys with way heavier hands than most if not all 125er's.
Achillezavatar 10 dager siden
Note to myself,not begin a fight with a dude from Marajoara
That Indian Dude
That Indian Dude 3 dager siden
@Thiago Axe I assume they also have that country strength
sadland 6 dager siden
from Marajó*
JessieAmber123 9 dager siden
Thiago Axe
Thiago Axe 9 dager siden
Never pick a fight with a guy from Pará, that place is wild, it's almost a paralel state
Achillezavatar 9 dager siden
@Bruno de Souza thanks for the clarification, I thought it sounded strange when i first wrote it tho ahah
Matheus Marques
Matheus Marques 10 dager siden
Bora Deus da Guerra, pra cima deles 🔥🔥
Matheus Marques
Matheus Marques 10 dager siden
Land of Warriors
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 10 dager siden
Low blows? Dude played dirty when he's on his back.
CRYCES 10 dager siden
feels like an embedded vlog but really isn’t
Christine Joiner
Christine Joiner 10 dager siden
It's part of it
helisondy Lwopann
helisondy Lwopann 10 dager siden
Orgulho desse cara mano!!!!!!!!!!
Evananhel Correa
Evananhel Correa 10 dager siden
Where's UFC 263 countdown? IM WAITING FOR ITTTTTT!!!!
Indian School Bamna
Indian School Bamna 9 dager siden
so I'm I
Callw Geop
Callw Geop 10 dager siden
@CSO Sev I’m pumped for it
CSO Sev 10 dager siden
RatedRRaj 10 dager siden
*"Has Figgy been convicted yet for the murder of Joseph Benavidez?"* - Megan Olivi
jack black
jack black 6 dager siden
@Mikael Herbertson you think Joseph has a huge package or a super charming personal? Not sure how he got with her lol. He prob tricked her
Mikael Herbertson
Mikael Herbertson 9 dager siden
Megan should be convicted of being way too hot. That shit is completely unreasonable...
JessieAmber123 9 dager siden
unkownboi67 is_unavailable68
unkownboi67 is_unavailable68 9 dager siden
@jack black she dating the murder victim
RatedRRaj 9 dager siden
@Almighty Sosa Thanks bro
Chase J
Chase J 10 dager siden
Figueiredo 5th Round Sub
Max A Million
Max A Million 10 dager siden
🇲🇽🇲🇽Brandon you don't represent all Mexicans GooF
Geovânia Da Costa
Geovânia Da Costa 9 dager siden
Jajajajaj Figueiredo is the best !!
Nicolas M
Nicolas M 9 dager siden
Por que? Why?
Amadeus Luciann
Amadeus Luciann 9 dager siden
@Vinícius Baêta exactly what’s wrong with Moreno he lives in tijuana he’s a true Mexican
Vinícius Baêta
Vinícius Baêta 9 dager siden
And you dont like him why?
UFH 10 dager siden
Figgy is probably one of the most interesting fighters in the world?
Christine Joiner
Christine Joiner 10 dager siden
Tonatiuh Nino
Tonatiuh Nino 10 dager siden
Imagine if the second fight ends up like the first one, lol. I can't wait for this fight.
one4all 7 dager siden
@Unexpected Things based on what, not getting owned as badly as other rounds? Figueiredo was dictating the fight and setting the pace the entire time, while Moreno was in defense mode because he couldn't hold his ground. Cormier and Rogan were orgasming every time Moreno landed something and barely said anything when Figueiredo landed even more blows which were also more solid landing.
Unexpected Things
Unexpected Things 7 dager siden
@one4all I think moreno won round 3 and 4
JessieAmber123 9 dager siden
MrMeatshot 10 dager siden
@Skurt yeah for sure
one4all 10 dager siden
Figueiredo won that fight. judges and commentary were extremely biased.
ADM 10 dager siden
I got Moreno. Figueiredo is a douche.
Cauã Leonor
Cauã Leonor 10 dager siden
XxxIzzy 10 dager siden
like 100th comment
XxxIzzy 10 dager siden
9th* lmao
Maki Supremacy
Maki Supremacy 10 dager siden
Can we get any insight on his clen diet for weight cuts?
Bee Middleton
Bee Middleton 6 dager siden
@sadland dude asked for insight on Figs weight cuts. I'm just saying it's a strict regiment of poverty and scraps. Also he's 5'5 dude is short af.
sadland 6 dager siden
@Bee Middleton ???
Bee Middleton
Bee Middleton 8 dager siden
He's 5'5 and he's from a 3rd world country. Probably walks around at fighting weight.
Floex_ 9 dager siden
Johnny 9 dager siden
Eat your poop and lots of veggies, it helps a lot 😎👊
Riccardo Feroce
Riccardo Feroce 10 dager siden
Jakob Bonas
Jakob Bonas 10 dager siden
early gang
Brian 10 dager siden
Gottta root for the underdog Moreno, unless I decide to bet on this
Andi 9 dager siden
lol yeah the guy was in the hospital literally the day of the first fight, I don't see him losing this time but Im a fan of both..
hi friends
hi friends 10 dager siden
** , ,
mauy thai 3002
mauy thai 3002 10 dager siden
First to see the legends at work
Semisi Tuitupou
Semisi Tuitupou 10 dager siden
I'm early to the party!
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