Rise of Amanda Ribas
Top Finishes: Cub Swanson
Jesus Munguia
Jesus Munguia 2 timer siden
This fight is beyond underrated
TheRosyCodex 2 timer siden
I just came for the jokes
lorenzo lagarda
lorenzo lagarda 2 timer siden
What a fn card!
Genso Air
Genso Air 2 timer siden
Fernando Calleja
Fernando Calleja 2 timer siden
Hold on im coughing brother
Soul of an Unknown Soldier
Soul of an Unknown Soldier 2 timer siden
How can you not love Tony Ferguson
Timothy Garza
Timothy Garza 2 timer siden
Tony the type of guy that lets his opponent rock him in the 1st to get it over with
iCamp vs iRush
iCamp vs iRush 2 timer siden
Tony is the type of guy to be ranked #3 and fight an unranked fighter.
BionicRedneck01 2 timer siden
I wanna grow a mustache like Dan Severn
Sunday Morning
Sunday Morning 2 timer siden
everyone is a comedian now , can't wait to see you all do stand up and get rich !
Dave Mieze
Dave Mieze 2 timer siden
Michael Chandler is a super athlete. Never would have thought this was gonna happen. Wow. It’s gonna be really hard for Olivera to weather the early storm. Chandler brings an intensity of pressure. Khabib vs Chandler please!!!
Wrong Frequency
Wrong Frequency 2 timer siden
How big is this dude's Adams apple?
King 1k
King 1k 2 timer siden
props to Big John for not stopping that fucking fight . 2021 that might be a stoppage
Edwin Verzosa
Edwin Verzosa 2 timer siden
After dropping 2 straight, fergie is in a do or die position cs dariush
Bluesy Jay
Bluesy Jay 2 timer siden
Tony is the type of guy who will be the guy of type is Tony.
Jordan 2 timer siden
We not gonna talk about how the thumbnail looks like tony is fighting a bootleg Michael chandler
unseenstalkr 2 timer siden
wow, watching this fight back over again. That first round goes in my top 10 of one single round bell to bell ever.
otis holiday
otis holiday 2 timer siden
These guys are too nice to each other
Matt Traynere
Matt Traynere 2 timer siden
Tony the type of guy to take a kick below the waist and tell the ref to make sure his foots okay
Roshella London
Roshella London 2 timer siden
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to sit on the t.v and watch the couch
JR Smith
JR Smith 2 timer siden
I was looking for Christina Aguilera at the start of video
David Beaudry
David Beaudry 2 timer siden
Neal on Neal violence!
Fegalin Colegne
Fegalin Colegne 2 timer siden
tony is trash he thinks hes big cause he wooped some random guy
Space Worm
Space Worm 2 timer siden
Whatisthis 2 timer siden
Tony is the type of guy to be the type of guy.
JAMES RICHARDS 3 timer siden
It's almost like Ferguson isn't worth his hype
sean enright
sean enright 3 timer siden
Brett M Connor
Brett M Connor 3 timer siden
Tony is the type of guy, to have ufc fight pass, but watch it for free on NOwindow
Kenneth Mortensen
Kenneth Mortensen 3 timer siden
This is a fight
Luis 3 timer siden
Kimbo knocks merrygoround with his thigh 8:05
Alec Mckinney
Alec Mckinney 3 timer siden
My second favorite fight of all time behind Robbie and Rory
Alec Mckinney
Alec Mckinney 2 timer siden
Also my 2 of my top 3 favorite fighters in the ufc. Tony, Petr and Lando
NoCopyrightContents 3 timer siden
Khabib has slowly made you a man Daniel keep it up khabib show them what the reality is
Chad Ennis
Chad Ennis 3 timer siden
Definitely don't like tony ... but I'm glad he won this fight . Always keep them hands up !.!.!
Juan Fernandez
Juan Fernandez 3 timer siden
Tony's the type of guy to get hit in the groin and ask the referee if his opponent's okay
Gordon Scott
Gordon Scott 3 timer siden
Tony is the guy that will kick you while you're reading this....
Руслан Жуматаев
Руслан Жуматаев 3 timer siden
Ландо молодец
Daniel Simmons
Daniel Simmons 3 timer siden
I think this fight shows Ferguson’s weaknesses. Has been dropped by everyone from Vannada to Pettis to most recently Gaethje. Only difference is Gaethje finished the job. Tony’s chin is super suspect
Christopher Hess
Christopher Hess 3 timer siden
People just please shut up with the tony type comments ,its getting way to old and its really cringe
Right Hook
Right Hook 3 timer siden
Eveyone has plan till they punch me in the face and drop me-T.Ferg
Derek M
Derek M 3 timer siden
Wow I just realized Ribas and Rodriguez were 2 different people
Quisqueya77 3 timer siden
And Tony wanted and still asking to fight Khabib? 🙄. Khabib is simply meaner and pressures much more than Oleveira. Oleveira play BJJ. Khabib smeshes!
S Curtis
S Curtis 3 timer siden
Don’t even know why I went to the comments...
Руслан Жуматаев
Руслан Жуматаев 3 timer siden
Хабиб сильнее тони, слабый он
Achilles MMA
Achilles MMA 3 timer siden
Tony the type of guy to say 'say hello to my little friend' to his little son.
Elías -
Elías - 3 timer siden
I remember this was my first ever UFC event. When DC called out Brock I thought "man Lesnar is gonna rekt him". After watched some fights of DC my mind completely changed
John F
John F 3 timer siden
Tony! It's a trap!
JAMES RICHARDS 3 timer siden
Joe Rogen needs to shut the f##k up.
M B 3 timer siden
Tony is the type of guy to fake being hurt just to finish you
Abdusattor 3 timer siden
Uzbeklar yuqmi nima bulyapdi jang yangimi
Sam Choy
Sam Choy 3 timer siden
El kooky the kind of guy to get drunk on TUF and start crying.
Marc Gottlieb
Marc Gottlieb 3 timer siden
In the end, she goes up the latter only as far as how much she can improve her stand-up...And in this game, she isn't considered a spring chicken when it comes to learning solid basics...
Loki Vato
Loki Vato 3 timer siden
Dayym, Chrissy
Skamilsions 3 timer siden
Respect! 💪🏻👊🏻
BIGGYLUV 3 timer siden
Lando is like Michael Johnson. So talented. Holy shit that movement! But man, so inconsistent
Matthew Carvajal
Matthew Carvajal 3 timer siden
Hope dariush wins. ✊🏼
Tylor Myers
Tylor Myers 3 timer siden
Starts at 6:04
Richard Lester
Richard Lester 3 timer siden
Dude gave Ferguson a fight especially for his debut. Whatever happened to him.
Jimmy Russell
Jimmy Russell 3 timer siden
“Congratulations to the little butt faced twerp” 💀
Tyler Dai
Tyler Dai 3 timer siden
what a snake
William Dale Johnson
William Dale Johnson 3 timer siden
Full gas tank lando is insane
ReverentGhost 3 timer siden
Vannata had so much potential after this fight, it's a shame he hasn't been able to find consistent success. still tune in every fight tho
Juji-Gatame 3 timer siden
Banana got hands
Tampa Tom Fishing
Tampa Tom Fishing 3 timer siden
Mush brain magny
Skamilsions 3 timer siden
Respect! 💪🏻👊🏻
punkXsyko 3 timer siden
Most underrated comment : “Tony is the type of guy .............”
dubla321 3 timer siden
What’s w the shitty disco ball music
AHMAD JAN Sayghani
AHMAD JAN Sayghani 3 timer siden
Vic A
Vic A 3 timer siden
Neil Magny the real NMF
James McMorrow
James McMorrow 3 timer siden
Whatta fight!!!!
Riley L.A.
Riley L.A. 3 timer siden
And then a 1 eyed Englishman came and Luke got KTFO
Daniel Madison
Daniel Madison 3 timer siden
This just got recommended to me at a weird time, makes me sad seeing him go out like that
Brian nicolas Benítez
Brian nicolas Benítez 3 timer siden
Vamos Tony Ferguson un verdadero pura sangre
John Doe
John Doe 3 timer siden
Kinda disappointed that cowboy got robbed of a main event. Like srsly who thought it was a good idea to pass the main event to waterson and rodriguez
Jasbir khanduja
Jasbir khanduja 3 timer siden
This comment section is blowing up with Tony memes! Love it!
BIGGYLUV 3 timer siden
Both of them fights now on the same card
apl 72
apl 72 3 timer siden
Idiots still wearing masks....smdh