UFC 263 Cold Open
Vince M
Vince M 14 timer siden
Damn the sportsman ship of Moreno is next level! What a fight
Rands G
Rands G 14 timer siden
So they cheer for you when you lose and hate you for being a winner? Humans are weak asf
Y Not?
Y Not? 14 timer siden
Boring fight. Good first round, but with 2 takedowns to 0, Edwards was lucky to get the win. Nate will be interesting with his jiu jitsu and love of scrapping
Daniel Curiel
Daniel Curiel 14 timer siden
Watched it live, watched it twice on NOwindow and it brought me to tears man. Live I couldn’t believe it…He couldn’t believe, it was an out of this world experience. This fight was totally worth it.
Chase Huber
Chase Huber 14 timer siden
I really pray that this fight is legendary, a 5 round draw
jason meyer
jason meyer 14 timer siden
Look how sharp his facial features where.
4kjordan 14 timer siden
RIP Ryan Jimmo
Kwame Chikuyu
Kwame Chikuyu 14 timer siden
Really like her interviewing style...well done. Congrats to izzy on the victory.
Alexander Carlsson
Alexander Carlsson 14 timer siden
Bboy Hamad
Bboy Hamad 14 timer siden
darkNovaskar 14 timer siden
This guys more like the son of war can't even make weight convincingly
Mike Storm
Mike Storm 14 timer siden
Steve lookin diced!!! 🔪
Lt Zoot McGoot
Lt Zoot McGoot 14 timer siden
Ngl, I got emotional as fuck watching this live 😂 Top man Moreno!
paul mow
paul mow 14 timer siden
Dana white is best ceo in sports maybe all business the way he handles shit and doesn’t care The truth is synonymous with Dana White
High 5
High 5 14 timer siden
He's the most humble human as a fighter, men or women. No trash talking at all
gaming222 14 timer siden
Dana was secretly inside the bull
Mahmudur Rahman
Mahmudur Rahman 14 timer siden
Dustin is winning it
aziz ai
aziz ai 14 timer siden
Boring fight. Marvin made it interesting. If Marvin hadn't charged, it would have been like Yoel Romario' fight - only leg kicks
Canis Animus
Canis Animus 14 timer siden
TheStraightFaced 14 timer siden
He was soooo tough that fight. Almost knocked him out with face full of blood 😤
Orhan 1230 Volkan
Orhan 1230 Volkan 14 timer siden
Sad 14 timer siden
5:35 (pause)
ade irfan
ade irfan 14 timer siden
Dumb crowd
Blake Wakeling
Blake Wakeling 14 timer siden
How old was he then?
Osama Manan2
Osama Manan2 14 timer siden
Demitrious gone, the division opens up.
Francis Cruzado
Francis Cruzado 14 timer siden
"oh you're a vegan now?"
Tapi Niti
Tapi Niti 14 timer siden
McGregor speek well but can't do
Maroof Ali
Maroof Ali 14 timer siden
Yeah Brandon...here's one of your fan from India...and hoping that you go on to achieve even better things. Commiseration to Figgy and his camp...he can go to 135 and be a contender there.
Pash Mackintosh
Pash Mackintosh 14 timer siden
The G of all Gs! But bruh, why didn’t you run into him instead of pointing at him for 5 seconds??? It would have been the craziest shit ever!
Soldagg 14 timer siden
The only reason adesanya ever is winning is because he always has longer reach than everyone else
Ren Nohara
Ren Nohara 14 timer siden
Give this guy his title match
JAMAHON KARIMOV 14 timer siden
Conor MacGregor
Eddie Haze
Eddie Haze 14 timer siden
We Definitely need a Finishing League! Tap , Knockout or Give up ... Towels Included .. Nate would be Champ! ...
Hacksaw Jimthuggin
Hacksaw Jimthuggin 14 timer siden
The only people dumber than the Diaz Brothers are their fans. Imagine being so excited by gatekeeper that talk constant shit.
Almighty Kevin
Almighty Kevin 14 timer siden
Kmiccccc 14 timer siden
holy shit he's a mexican version of Redman
LLJ 14 timer siden
Heat Pete
Heat Pete 14 timer siden
Idc what Nate's record is tbh, he is one of the most entertaining UFC fighters of all time hands down! 💯
Battlers BeWare
Battlers BeWare 14 timer siden
*Israel Adesanya* pre-fight presser: “I wanna beat him *every round* all *5* to show him *I’m just better* ” End of *round 5* ... *UNANIMOUS DECISION 50-45* *Israel Adesanya* post fight: *“C+”*
Fred Brown
Fred Brown 14 timer siden
Diaz bring crowd out Forsure thst why ppl came out. He got more media than Nate ufc very bias toward diaz brothers
DatDonny 14 timer siden
Lol first question guy 😂
Dezzolution 14 timer siden
3:30 ...he wanted to say profitable champion, he chose his words wisely.
bazigar ab
bazigar ab 14 timer siden
Show wht khabib did to both of them.. :)
Home Studio
Home Studio 14 timer siden
One free advice to Nate and Tony they should retire now
Randizle Peregoy
Randizle Peregoy 14 timer siden
Daddy drinks know what I’m saying!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
James Curtis
James Curtis 14 timer siden
Fuckin love Brandon
Galileo Shift
Galileo Shift 14 timer siden
nothing but a G nate diaz
Anthony Fiasco
Anthony Fiasco 14 timer siden
I love how Cerrone just want to fight.. He loves a good brawl. #stayedhumble Such a legend.
BROTHERS KEEPER 14 timer siden
The sportsmenship among most of the ufc fighters is an awesome thing during these crazy times.
Rich Kid
Rich Kid 14 timer siden
Wish fake news man would just give up the GD belt and retire bc I can’t stand all these exciting fighters waiting around to fight this bum 🔪
socillizt4life 14 timer siden
Nate’ is a deluded warrior,he IS NOT the better fighter though not even on the same level as Leon right now!A last man standing league he would no doubt be close to the peak though
XxXTank9000 14 timer siden
Early stoppage
Elmomo Diaw
Elmomo Diaw 14 timer siden
Respect Adesanya
The Bully Broadcast
The Bully Broadcast 14 timer siden
Let's Go Mcgregor!! 🤘
Derek May
Derek May 14 timer siden
Just completely lost all respect for Nate and the ufc for letting him do this press conference high. Horrible
Ali Ferz
Ali Ferz 14 timer siden
At least here can I say it? *Conor McGregor Is The One Of The Greatest People Ever Lived, Live And Will Live In The Universe*
chgofirefighter 14 timer siden
Dedication, tenacity, hard work, believing in yourself and humbleness will carry you real far in life… a victory well deserved!!congrats Brandon! You deserve it!
Lowkey Sykes
Lowkey Sykes 14 timer siden
He would be an awesome black panther.
Battlers BeWare
Battlers BeWare 14 timer siden
*RING-WALKS* Israel Adesanya *>* Apollo Creed
Simmy24 Sage
Simmy24 Sage 14 timer siden
😂😂😂😂😂 stay tuned the whole meals coming
Jungle Jim
Jungle Jim 14 timer siden
He could’ve finished Edwards but he chose to point at him instead, incredibly stupid
Gil Santos
Gil Santos 14 timer siden
Derek May
Derek May 14 timer siden
What the heck is wrong with Nate. Too many hits to the head??? Wow…. Is he high??
S. ArguedSatsuma27
S. ArguedSatsuma27 14 timer siden
Izzy "i like to be busy" adesanya
Pietje Puk
Pietje Puk 14 timer siden
Nobody gave Nate a chance against Leon even the fighters talked sjit about Nate... look now... take your words back and go F yourselfs... Nate should have started to swarm in round 4... Leon was glad the fight was over.. 1 more round and it was goodbye Edwards
ben wood
ben wood 14 timer siden
He's a great fighter but this guy doesn't move the needle at all, no cheers OR boos when he walked out
Söz Doğanın
Söz Doğanın 14 timer siden
Mohammad Imran
Mohammad Imran 14 timer siden
I am disappointed with Vettori. Dude just can't accept defeats! His arrogance will take him absolutely nowhere.
Simmy24 Sage
Simmy24 Sage 14 timer siden
That’s crazy whenever Vettori talks Adesanya patiently waits for his turn but as soon as Adesanya talks and Vettori gets offended Vettori cuts him off that tells what kind of ppl they r
Mihir Verma
Mihir Verma 14 timer siden
Last 20 seconds all the left hands go boom boom boom!!
John Fernandes
John Fernandes 14 timer siden
Rogans commentary is getting worse and worse.
Tomi Adewole
Tomi Adewole 14 timer siden
Vettori: "In trilogy we see who real victory"
mathew roberts
mathew roberts 14 timer siden
Leon Edwards is a really nice dude , true profesional , legit contender and its nice to see him relaxing with the media and letting the fans see his character 💯👊
Mihaka Taituha
Mihaka Taituha 14 timer siden
You truly are a kiwi now we always got to eat first weather we are about to eat fish and chips or if we are about to hunker down and eat some pussy if we hungry nothing gonna stop us proud as of the brother Izzy
Battlers BeWare
Battlers BeWare 14 timer siden
“The 3 Kings” THAT is powerful & speaks volumes that America will show love & respect no matter if you’re black men and women having the opportunities to show how amazing we are it’s just incredible. Much love to EVERYONE!
ShellZ613 14 timer siden
Respectfully, I would be a damn better coach than Marvins team, they don’t help him, they just say the obvious, regardless I’m an Izzy fan so I don’t care
tae hoon oh
tae hoon oh 14 timer siden
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